Offline-First, Chrome DevTools, Angular – Tech Round Up – December 11th

A summary of tech links for this past week

Designing Offline-First Web Apps
A great guide to best practices and pitfalls. I really like the list of challenges the author made: losing local data, handling conflicts, refreshing chronological data, etc.
5 Useful Chrome DevTools Tips for Developers
Learned some great tips. My favorites: saved snippets (like the dreaded jQuery doc ready shorthand), how to override geolocation, how to use the page performance audit tool.

Snippets in Chrome Dev Tools

Snippets in Chrome Dev Tools

Contrasting Backbone and Angular
I have been debating between the two and Victor Savkin did a great job at helping me decide. Victor focus on the what makes Backbone and Angular different.Lessons Learned From An App Graveyard
Some interesting stats on mobile apps:
– “average user downloading somewhere between 26 and 41 apps, with a smaller subset of those apps being used on a regular basis”
– ” 95% of downloaded apps are abandoned within a month and 26% of apps are only used once.”
– ” 79% of consumers would retry a mobile app only once or twice if it failed to work the first time, and only 16% would give it more than two attempts”

With those daunting stats, Lyndon Cerejo sums up 10 lessons to make the best out of your app. Some are useful, some I find too specific.

Linux commands are sometimes hard to remember. Explainshell offers a fun, visual & interactive way to break down commands.

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