Anh-Minh Do and I @ "3 Lessons I Learned" Talk

Are your users addicted yet?

I had a great time talking to Vietnamese Entrepreneurs last Thursday evening about “3 Lessons I Learned from Building a Killer Start Up“. I talked about 3 stories and 3 lessons from my Linked Senioradventure. Here are slides & pictures from the talk. At the end of the talk, I received a lot of very good questions on the topics of Start Ups, Nursing Homes and even Leadership. I want to come back on one question that was asked of me. Anh-Minh Do asked “Which lesson do you think is the most important one?”. I should have answered “Which one is your favorite child?”. Instead I chose the 1st lesson about “Measuring Engagement”. Having had some time to think back about that evening, I still stick to my decision.

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