Which is better? Groovy VS Java

Agile Coding Dojo #2

Last week, Agile Vietnam organized the second Agile Coding Dojo event. The goal of the Dojo was to practice coding skills in a real-life work situations: write unit test, refactor bad code, etc.

For this second event, Agile Vietnam chose to code in Groovy. Groovy, just like Java runs on the JVM. They invited me to present the simplicity of Groovy syntax over Java syntax. See the slides here.

At the end of the presentation, Hiep Le (the event organizer) asked me if there were situations where Java would be better than Groovy. Below is a my detailed comparison between the two languages.

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How to prepare for Hackathon in Vietnam

I had the honor of being invited as a mentor and judge to the Formation8 Hackathon, a 24 hour hackathon taking place in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. The winner earned a round trip ticket to meet with the Formation8 investment team in Silicon Valley.

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An ocean of programming language

A guide for making the right technology choice

Now more than ever, engineers have lots of choices in their toolset to build amazing products. Those choices are sometimes key to the foundation of the product. How can you make the right technological choice? I have been making technology decisions for the past 10 years. Sometimes those decisions were driven by hunches. With time though, I have refined a process to make important decisions less random or arbitrary.